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 Web Design Client Questionnaire



Understanding what you want is one of the most difficult tasks for web design. With this information, we will be able to work quicker and more efficiently to meet the desired goal and deliver satisfying results. Feel free to skip questions that you do not understand or  do not pertain to your goals.


Basic Information 

* Name: 

* Business or Organization Name: 

* Email Address: 

* Phone Number: 

* URL (Domain name/internet/web address): 

* Briefly describe your company:



Would you like us to design/redesign a logo for your company?  Yes  No  Maybe

Is there a specific theme you had in mind to incorporate into the website? 

Are there any colors you had in mind to incorporate into the site? 

Describe the site's desired look and feel by using adjectives and short phrases: 


  Name a few sites that appeal to you, either competitors or sites unrelated to your industry that you feel may be relevant to the design of your site. Please comment on what you like/dislike about the design and features of these sites.   
  Company Name                URL             Comment            


Brand/Target Audience


List any important words that you want people to associate with your company image/brand: 

Target Audience: Describe what kind of users you intend to attract to your site: 

Where/how do people learn about your company/product/service(s)? 

Why does your target audience need this website?



Content/Special Features


Please circle any pages/features you envision as part of your site: 



Basic: Home, About (Us), Services, Client List, Contact (Us), Directions, News, FAQs Links, Resources Bio(s) Site Map



Special Features: Flash, Video, Image Gallery, Portfolio, Illustration, Testimonials, Quotes, Map, Search, Newsletter, Upcoming Events, Online Payment, Uploads Downloads



Database Solutions: Calendar, Articles Database, Archive Database, Create Account Login, Shop, Products, Store, Shopping Cart, Forum, Blog, RSS Feed, Custom Database, Content Management System



Other — please list any additional or custom pages you would like to add. Also, feel free to ask any questions concerning the above features:



Will you be providing Pictures, Art, Ilustrations?



When does your website need to be completed and made available to the public? 



Will you want your site to be updated regularly?  Yes  No  Maybe

  Would you like us to update your site or would you like to be responsible for updates? 
Circle One:  Update my site for me I'll do my own updates

Would you like to be able to easily update your own content without any special software or HTML knowledge?  Yes  No  Maybe



Any additional comments are welcomed: 


  Where do I start? What do I need? What will I get?